A Zillion
Ways to
Have Fun

Looking for a few ways to really catch that Aloha Spirit? Up for some fun? Places to go. A little exploration. Here’s a range of activities that are just right for creating those unforgettable Mahalo Moments.

Couple riding bicycles on the beach near our Diamond Beach NJ hotelParasailing at sunset
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Tide rolling in on a beautiful beach near our Wildwood Crest hotel New Jersey Boardwalk with rides near our Wildwood Crest hotel
The Boardwalk

The world famous Wildwood Boardwalk’s dazzling display of lights, colors and its carnival-like atmosphere will definitely help bring on the Aloha Spirit. Over a century old, the boardwalk is one of the country’s last truly great seaside promenades. Today, it’s a great place for a quiet morning stroll or to revel in the fun and excitement that comes with 38 blocks of ferris wheels, roller coasters, quaint beachfront shops and of course, the finest hotdogs south of Coney Island.

The Wildwood Boardwalk near our Wildwood Crest hotel lit up at night Amusement park swing ride near our Wildwood Crest hotel
Amusement Piers

Round and round. Up and down. There’s nothing quite like the thrills and chills that come with a seaside amusement park. Here on the Wildwood Boardwalk we have plenty to go around. Our three amusement piers offer over 100 rides and attractions. From wooden roller coasters, to heart-pounding thrill rides, lots of family activities and some really yummy food, they’ll keep the fun coming. Take your pick of Surfside Amusement Pier, Mariner’s Pier and Adventure Pier. Or better yet, do all three.

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Aerial view of Wildwood New Jersey waterpark near our beachfront hotel in Wildwood Crest Young girl in yellow sunglasses enjoys a popsicle at our Wildwood Crest hotel

Can’t get your fill of the water? Always looking for new ways to make a splash? Our thrill-filled water parks are just the place for anyone with a heart in your throat water slides, whitewater rapids, steep waterfall drops, lazy river floats and shipwrecks ladened with priceless treasure for the taking. Head on over to the boardwalk and take the plunge at Raging Waters Water Park or Splash Zone We’re talking gallons and gallons of wet ‘n wild action that will have your whole family dripping in fun.

Parasailing at sunset Two kids walking on the beach

Ever wonder what it must feel like to fly without wings? Then set your spirits soaring with a visit to Atlantic Parasail. Discover that feeling of exhilaration that comes with soaring over the water while being treated to breathtaking views of the Jersey coastline below. All with a kite. And no wings. Atlantic is New Jersey’s original location for parasail adventure. So put your mind at ease. Our well seasoned team has over 200,000 successful flights to their credit. Reservations are required.

A woman sits on the bow of the ICONA Yacht one of the best Wildwood Crest activities 5 women stand on the bow of the ICONA Yacht, one the best Wildwood Crest activities

All aboard for a taste of the good life. And you don’t even have to be a millionaire. The ICONA Yacht offers captained cruises from Stone Harbor all the way to Cape May. The 64-foot Sunseeker Predator is available for both group and private excursions. It’s the ultimate way to celebrate a birthday, big promotion, last-sail before the veil or to “wow” clients, friends or loved ones with a luxurious day on the water. Just kick back, put your feet up and set a course for a bit of seafaring adventure. The crew will do the rest.

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